Ballybunion Golf Club Cashen Course 16th Hole Graveyard

With due acknowledgement, some of the following quotations of wry wisdom appear in John DeGarmo’s book, The Road to Ballybunion, “many of us operate under the mistaken belief that the best golf is in Scotland, when, of course, it’s been in Ireland all along. The dunes are higher, the wind is stiffer, the grass is greener – and the people are nicer, nicer than anywhere you’ve ever been” – Jerry Tarde

Ballybunion – the very word sends chills up my spine – George Peper

All talk of a magnificent, fortuitous conjunction of land and sea begins with Ballybunion. That it’s also so near the headwater of the Guinness River is not such a bad thing, either – Al Barkow

Without question, it (Ballybunion) is the most exhilerating golf venue in the British Isles. WIth its massive sand dunes tossing and turning in reckless abandon – plunging well over 100-feet to the waters of the Shannon Estuary – Ballybunion offers the golfer some of the most magnificent vistas in the world and one of the most awe-inspiring tests of shot-making skill in the kingdom of golf – Mark Brown

(Ballybunion is) exhilerating, yet formidable; majestic yet ferocious – Matt Sullivan

Jimmy Brosnan is a longtime caddie at Ballybunion. His player, having hit one terrible terrible golf shot after another all day long was comfortably short of Kitty’s RIver crossing the 13th fairway in two inelegant blows. “What will it take to get me across?” The golfer enquired. “There’s a bridge right there!” Was the sagacious answer given.

Anyone who breaks par here is playing better than he is able – Christy O’Connor, Snr.

The Ballybunion golf links offers every variety of incident – Limerick Chronicle, 1893.

The ‘incidents’ are set to ‘increase and multiply’ because the members at Ballybunion have agreed to have all 18-greens on the Old Course lifted and re-laid next winter, but a more striking development is a stunning, new amphitheater effect developed by course architect, Graeme Webster.

The process of ‘dolling up’ the links is well advanced and the objective is to uplift the overall appearance by defining margins and increasing the proliferation of native, fescue grasses so necessary to maintain traditional links characteristics. However, the shot values and the way the links ‘plays’ won’t change one iota. The course looks harder because the playing corridors look narrower but, in fact, they remain exactly the same.

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